What a great show once again!

The 12th International FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition has completed yet another round of much anticipated competition in conjunction with Singapore Garden Festival 2022.

Behind the scene are many hours of planning, coordination, selfless contributions and lots of passion and love for floral art.

We like to say thank you once again to our many hero(S) for their unfailing support and contributions! Till we meet again, here’s the cleaning out session on 2nd August after shopping hours.

12th International FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition organising committee:

Co-Chairman – Lim Chiu Fang

Chairman – Evelyn Lee

Secretary – Philip Foo

Treasurer – Zoe Ong AIFD, CFD


Bonnie Kan; Christina Pang AIFD, CFD; Christopher Lim AIFD, CFD; Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD; Donna Au; Elizabeth Kerk; June Foo AIFD, CFD; Margaret Lui; Pauline Chin; Peter Chin; Rona Ee AIFD, CFD

Guest of honour

Ms Sim Ann

Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development

Professional Category competition IC : Christina Pang AIFD, CFD

Amateur category Competition IC: June Foo AIFD, CFD

Emcee: Christopher Lim AIFD, CFD


Andy Djati Utomo AIFD, CFD

Caroline Loo AIFD, CFD

Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD

Minsook Song


Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd, Design Leaf (Korea)

Fleur Connection, Gifts& (S) Pte Ltd

Sarah Yan

Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape

Smithers Oasis (Malaysia)

With Unstinting support and Assistance From Members:

Cecelia Ko, Chia May Cay, Christiane Duckworth, Christina Yew, Christina Honggawati, Htar Htar, Kelvin Seow, Laurel Teo, Lim Shan Ying, Lynda Suryadi, Magdalene Goh, Magdalene Gwee, Ronnie Tan, Rostiana Jo, Sally Lee, Sapana, Sarah Yan, Siew Wai Leen

First aider: Siew Wai Leen

Official Photographer: Mark Cheong – Firefly Photography Pte Ltd

Poster: Christina Pang AIFD, CFD

Working Partners:

Singapore Garden Festival 2022, National Parks Board, Pico Art, Ion Orchard

Presentation Bouquets:

Chia May Cay, Kim Lim, Sally Lee, Qwek Wei


Christina Pang AIFD, CFD, Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD, Elizabeth Kerk, Evelyn Lee, Lim Chiu Fang, Margaret Lui, Philip Foo, Rona Ee AIFD, CFD, Zoe Ong AIFD, CFD

Trophy and certificate:

Christina Pang AIFD, CFD, Zoe Ong AIFD, CFD

We are already planning for the 13th one!