31 January 2021

What a great way to welcome the year of th Ox! FDSS committee put our heads together and planned a first of its kind multi-workshop fun! All workshops are limited to 8 participants as set by social distancing rulings. 3 workshops were held simultaneously at 3 locations.

Christina Pang AIFD, CFD conducted the “Ang Cai” and we heard they even had a dance with it! Bonnie Kan conducted decoupage with participants making really beautiful basket just in time for CNY goodies. Lim Chiu Fang conducted lantern making with red packets and it will definitely add festive mood to any home.

It’s not all work and no play as individual location had prepared simple tea and participants each received a lovely mini cow figurine. A heartfelt thanks to all participant spending your Sunday with us. And also a big thank you to our team and sponsors.

Program chair: Peter Chin
The rest of the “bao gao liao” work by all FDSS team members.
Instructors: Chiu Fang Lim, Bonnie Kan, Christina Pang Aifd Cfd (performing national service)
Location host: Sally, Yuki, Creativeworkz
Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd for the mini Kum quat plants
May Cay for the mini cow figurines.
Damien Koh Pfci Aifd for the home bake cheesecake

Let’s take this opportunity to wish one and all Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a prosperous, safe and healthy new year.