6 December 2020

Our “White Winter Wonderland” organising committee, led by Chairperson Philip Foo, had put our heads AND hearts together to stage this year’s party with a very interesting and exciting program.

Program Chairman: Philip Foo
Zoom Host: Christina Pang AIFD, CFD
Emcee: Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD
Opening video: Chia May Cay
DIY Ornament Coordinator: Lim Chiu Fang, Sally Lee
Packers Group 1: Christina Pang AIFD, CFD , Bonnie Kan , Donna Au, Yuki Lange, Philip Foo
Packers Group 2: Sally Lee, Bonnie Kan, Margaret Lui , Lim Chiu Fang, Philip Foo, Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD
Logistic: Zoe Ong AIFD, CFD, Phillip Foo.
Sponsors: Bonnie Kan, Lim Chiu Fang, Christina Pang AIFD, CFD, Christopher Lim AIFD, CFD, Philip Foo, Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD
Best Dressed: Linda Soo-Tan
Best Decorated Backdrop: Magdalene Lau
Best DIY Ornament: Isabella Loh

It was an afternoon of great fun with Master Florist Brigitte Heinrichs and Pete having to be up in the wee hours of the morning in Germany! (We were at 2pm and they were at 7am). We started off with a video Christmas tour to the cities around the world and a warm welcome from FDSS President – Christopher Lim AIFD, CFD.

It was then into live demonstrations by our talented International guest Brigitte! She showed and shared floristry skills, techniques, culture, history and different styles and interpretations! Her works and presentation wowed our participants and praises were flying all over chat. Bravo!

Then it was high tea with artisan pastry including brownie, quiche, peccant pie, panettone! At the same time we highlighted participants for our judges to find our best dressed (Linda Soo-Tan) and best decorated backdrop (Magdalene Lau) which I can assure you it was a tough job! On top of that, we had lucky draw in action and finally having 12 lucky winners! Congratulations to all!

It was then into our DIY ornament competition when all participants were given basics and are allowed to add what they can find at home with a very limited time to design and complete from scratch! Congratulations to Isabella Loh for a double faced ornament winner!We sang merry Christmas to each other at the end and have participants asking when will be CNY online party?

What a new experience with an online party! A lot has gone into planning and preparation and finally hosting! A big thank you to all our participants who made the party possible! Without you, there will be no party!