19 September 2021

What a day! Thank you for being there with us for the afternoon’s hands on workshop! A sold out event!
We took extra care abiding to Covid Safe Management Measures!
It was lecture, explanation and jokes, examples and show and tell and also demo. A lot to pack in slightly over an hour.
The fun begun almost immediately after, with participants trying out new techniques and others refreshing and refining what they learnt before. And for those experience ones, Damien up the game for them with highlights on styling, placements of materials, presentation and design details.
Good times passes too soon. Before we knew it, time is up! Snacks and drinks were packed ready for participants to bring home.
It’s the first program of our new working committee and we must say well done to the team! Thank you!

Program chair: Evelyn Lee
Co-chair: Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD
Reception: Margaret Lui, Pauline Chin
Registration: FDSS secretariats
Reception Floral: Evelyn Lee
Name tags: Evelyn Lee
Presentation Bouquets: Donna Au
Coordinators: Philip Foo, Lim Chiu Fang, Christina Pang AIFD, CFD
Poster: Nina Chen
Photography: Evelyn Lee
Emcee: Lim Chiu Fang

Guest lecturer: Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD
Assistant Lecturer: Christina Pang AIFD, CFD

We take this opportunity to wish everyone a joyous mid-autumn festival. See you in the next event.

Sponsors: Fleur Connection, Damien Koh PFCI, AIFD, CFD, Evelyn Lee, Christina Pang AIFD, CFD