11th International FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition
21 July 2018
Singapore Garden Festival @ Gardens by the Bay

The FDSS Cup 2018 came to a close on 25 July 2018 but has opened the eyes of many floral enthusiasts with its awesome showcase of floral designs and innovative use of material.
FDSS would like to thank all the competitors for the spectacular showcase, panel of judges –
Lily Beelen, Thomas Spiess, Sue Phillips, Su Lisi, Minsook Song and Christopher Lim; NParks, SGF2018 Team, Edwin (Pico), sponsors SMITHERS-OASIS, DESIGNLEAF, GIFTS&, SING SEE SOON FLORAL & BOENGA; supporters CANDY FLORICULTURE & FAR EAST ORCHID; and all members who have played a significant part in the success of the 11th International FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition.

Amateur Category:
• Thematic Floral Design “Urban Jungle with Orchids”
• Surprise Package – Flowers for Cocktail Table

Professional Category:
• Thematic Floral Design “Movement & Excitement with Chrysanthemum”
• Chairback Design “Dressed for Dinner”
• Surprise Package – Handtied Bouquet

Professional Amateur
Champion Kazuhiko Tanaka (Japan) Muhammad Iqbal Aditya Nuryasin (Indonesia)
Second Cho Hye Young (Korea) Pang Ip Hou (Macau China)
Third Nguyen Phi Minh (Vietnam) Si Tou Sut I (Macau China)
Special Awards Chen Nina (China)

– Best Thematic Floral Design for “Movement & Excitement with Chrysanthemum”

Muhammad Iqbal Aditya Nuryasin (Indonesia)

– Best Thematic Floral Design for ‘Urban Jungle with Orchids.”

Kazuhiko Tanaka (Japan)

– Best Chairback design ‘Dressed for dinner’.

Pang Ip Hou (Macau China)

– Best Floral Design for Surprise Package ‘Flowers for Cocktail table’.

Cho Hye Young (Korea)

– Best Handtied Bouquet