• The foundation of every successful design stems from the elements and principles of design and the mastery of these is fundamental.
  • Dive deep into the elements and principles of design from reputable floristry sources, schools and floral educators.
  • The principles of design are useful guidelines that help to organise or compose the elements of design into one unified composition.
  • The elements of floral design are components and ingredients which you can see. Understand the terms such as LINE, SHAPE/FORM, SPACE, TEXTURE, COLOUR and SIZE.
  • The principles of floral design provide the roadmap on how the elements can be organised to achieve an aesthetic outcome of a composition. A clear and in-depth understanding on BALANCE, FOCAL EMPHASIS, RHYTHM, PROPORTION, CONTRAST, HARMONY and UNITY (but not limited to) goes a long way to hone your skills in mastering floral design.

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