19 April 2015
Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
The long awaited floral extravaganza returned to the catwalk featuring a total of 36 aweinspiring floral haute-couture and delivered floral finesse beyond the wildest dreams. All were bewildered and amazed how flowers, fashion, artistry and imagination merged into a kaleidoscope of floral hues and creativity. FDSS is truly indebted and grateful to all overseas designers, members, associates in the floral industry and many other organisations who helped delivered the floral showcase and made our “dreams do come true”. A salute to the team and designers led by Chairperson Vivian Teo who made this all possible. and making the ‘floral dreams come true’.

Presenting designers and their “BOLD & BEAUTIFUL” floral artistry.

Applause to designers and for their “COLOURS OF WONDER” – a burst of floral hues.

Featuring designers and their “FLIGHTS OF FANCY” – merging flora, imagination and technical know-how.